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Monday, 1 February 2010

Technical Specifications for i-Can Grandparent

The new i- Can Grandparent is something,that no discerning Working Parent should be without.
A relatively new concept in Familial back-up technology, the i-Can has wide market appeal. Latest figures suggest they may be the run away hit in 2010.
Technical Specifications
Size and weight: averaging between 5' 5 and 6'1 and available in both standard or slim line models. The i- Can fits snugly into any available family car and can pack a surprising amount into a very small case. Designed with travel in mind and not susceptible to fluctuations in temperature, due to an inbuilt climate weather predication ...(it looked like a Tsunami ,so I packed a mac?!) the i Can ,will please and impress with its versatility. Equally suited to Public Transport or private conveyance to its destination, it will rarely be out of range and can respond in an emergency at the mere press of a button (the HELP!!!! one)
The i Can is finger print resistant due to its oleo phobic coating. It can display support for multiple situations (inc harassed Mother, irate toddler and incontinent Labrador) and can interpret several conversations simultaneously.
The i-can has assisted GPS and in built digital compass, ideal for fiendishly complicated after- school care arrangements. The i Can can locate and retrieve the impossible, from the foot-well of the car, the cupboard under the stairs and the horror under the bed, where previous models have failed. The Wi fi connection from a remote host called X perience is infallible.
Power and Battery
The i-Can has a built in rechargeable Twinings battery and can also be charged via a USB (Unbelievably Swift Beverage) connection in the nearest Costa or Starbucks outlet.
Talk time is unlimited and the i-Can has a alert standby mode between 00:00 and 06.30 am
Standby time : up to 95 years for the average model.
Video playback and memory recall is superior on this model, notably of events that most Working Parents would choose to forget especially, when the incident is being replayed, by the New Generation. This feature is called PAY BACK!
Audio Playback: a sophisticated format allows freeze frame and continuous replay on all Ladybird Books and Dick King Smith novels for
evening applications (Babysitting)
System requirements
Now compatible with all forms of PC, Mac, and well versed in email, Facebook and Flickr with vast archive access for all homework topics. Having been in the production phase during the past six decades, the i Can has assimilated considerable understanding and answers on all areas of the Web. Simply type Life into the i Can's Google search engine, for instantaneous drop- down of all appropriate resources and solutions.
The i Can has state of the art sensitivity with accelerometer for when the occasion arises.
It has a Proximity sensor for the approach of impending financial or emotional disaster and an Ambient light sensor to shine light on particularly challenging problems. Uncanny strategic volume control, differentiates the i-Can from lesser models that have gained negative publicity on the Jeremy Kyle Show.
Environmental requirements
The i-Can functions best when kept in the loop.
Optimum temperature for the Pink gloss model is 32'C to avoid overheating. (see The Change in Operating Manuel) . Non operating temperature; below average room temperature in normal centrally-heated storage facilities.
The i-Can, embodies the Parent Company's continuing commitment to the Next Generation and has rendered itself indispensable to the Modern Working Woman. The i-Can has won awards across the board and as one parent stated, "I don't what I d do without mine!".
Another 1 in a million product brought to you by Adventures in Free-fall Parenting.