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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thoughts about Snow

Honestly, I don't know what we would all do if the heavens dumped the 190cms of snow on us that Japan is experiencing? The hysteria cause by eight inches, is nothing short of demented! Yes, I know we can't get to school or work or get the train to London but this does not qualify as a life altering experience? Where is our war time spirit, that we Brits were so renowned for? I think it's been bred out of us and we are now a nation of environmental wusses!

So we should make a list and form an orderly queue for our life time supply of loo rolls, dog food and baked beans and settle down in front of the TV, to watch series 1-5 of Friends.

The people who we really need to worry about are the poor souls reliant on daily medical treatment and the those who provide the emergency services who HAVE to work to keep the country ticking over.

My heart was gladdened by the sight of the Colchester Fire Brigade digging the engines out of the Fire Station, in their T shirts! Oh and by my Postman...wearing shorts!?

I think probably the only people rolling around in glee (apart from school children and Labradors) are the Global Warming Experts ;who are probably looking incredibly smug over their cups of fair trade tea, boiled in Eco kettles, saying "Told you so!" Mind you, not too many Woolly Mammoths cantering down my street ... yet!

So, I think the official line should be; wrap up warm, stay indoors, phone your mum/dad/granny/great Aunt and make sure they too are hibernating satisfactorily and have a nice cuppa. Be glad, at least we Brits have a genuine reason for once ,to harp on and on about our favourite subject.

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